Why The Myth Of A Cancer-Causing Vape Has Already Been Busted

The use of vaporizers is among the highest trending topics people are exploring to determine all the benefits associated with vaping daily. And mass media corporations use this topic to help make the most of clickbait headlines, instead of providing real and completely checked details. A sensationalist and fear-mongering headline promises something entirely different from what this article reveals.

As the Internet origins as a universal library that opens unlimited usage of knowledge. People all over the world see virtually all headlines on the web are clickbait. Plus they really work despite awfully false facts like ‘vaping triggers DNA mutations resulting in cancer’ or more cautiously phrased titles stating ‘may increase cancer risk’.

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The San Francisco Voters On The Final Say Of Vapor Products

Update: San Francisco Voters Move Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products
With 99% of all districts reporting their outcomes, 68% of people voted and only the ban.
Small businesses, native vape retailers, and the vaping lobby all stringently opposed the ban, saying that it could not merely affect their businesses but as Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said

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Top 11 Celebrities Who Vape

Vaporizers have reached the most notable echelons of contemporary society with many celebrities at this time vaping. The set of stars who vape gets much longer by the day and is studded with famous brands Jack Nicholson, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. As stardom embraces the vape lifestyle, we take a sneak peek at the who’s who of the vaping network.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Vape Mods In 2018

As vapes grow in reputation so grows the necessity for more costly vape mods, just the best field mods, various flavors and different exclusive additions that may even grow up to the level of a social position symbol.

But what makes these products so particular that people are willing to pay a huge selection of dollars simply to obtain hands on them?

Let’s look into many of the most luxurious mods available, designed and manufactured for folks who like to vape only the very best vapes.

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