Tips for Finding to an AGV Supplier


Transportation Considerations:

Identify and list all of the material handling devices you have set up today. Forklifts, pallet trucks, conveyors, AS/RS, and many different systems you have set up.


What exactly are your working hours? Will be you a multi-shift operation?
Just how many transports are you doing each hour on average? How about throughout your peak times?
What forms of loads are you moving? Pallet, bins, cartons, rolls? What lengths are they moved? Just how much do they weigh?

Systems Integration Considerations:

List each of the systems you utilize in the warehouse on a day-to-moment basis, including WMS, ERP, labor administration, telematics, and any other folks.
Where are your servers and which kind of wireless network have you got in place?
What is assembling your project commissioning requirements regarding IT systems?

Project Considerations:

What forms of applications are you considering AGV for? What elements of the center would AGVs end up being deployed in?
Have you got site drawings? If thus, involve them in the record.
Any kind of special site conditions? Have you got cold storage space? Are there outdoor runs between properties?
Who are the major contacts from your own company which will be mixed up in the project? What exactly are their roles and tasks?
Have you got a written narrative that describes your procedure at a business and company level?
What are your minimum and optimum load dimensions and fat?
What is the common and peak charge needed (pallets of cartons/totes each hour)?

Performance Expectations:

How quickly do you wish to implement an AGV program?
Have you got any ROI constraints? (e.g. “this implementation must purchase itself in three years and generate an x.x% return in the years ahead to be looked at).
Which kind of references how about from vendors?

Beyond the overall items above, you may even want to include some AGV specifics. Below are a few items to consider:

Accuracy - how accurate will your AGV system ought to be? Is normally a 6-10 inch tolerance appropriate, or does the machine need to be appropriate within a fraction of an inch?

Flexibility - what goes on to your AGV advice system as you will need to create modifications, moves, or adjustments? Is it possible to afford to shut the machine down during alterations, or is it possible to tolerate interruptions?

Repeatability - will your AGV system have to operate inside, exterior, or perhaps both? If it must travel and leisure between buildings, what goes on to your sensors and navigation during rain, snow, sunshine, or fog? What’s your target for repeatability?

Environment - have you got any unique environmental constraints? For example, if you are using block-stacking in your warehouse, that may limit navigation targets like lasers for several AGV systems. Are there temperatures extreme? Various AGV electronics will be compromised above 115-120 degrees. Is it possible to think about any other constraints specific to your warehouse?

By thoroughly documenting your project’s requirements and constraints before contacting consultants and vendors, it will be easy to avoid weeks and even a few months of meetings and emails.

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